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Welcome to my neighborhood...

I guess you could say that I live in a pretty great place to take photos! Not only do I live in Florida where you have great weather all year long, but I live in a community with beautiful places to take photographs. Imagine this...a neighborhood cut into the center of a forest, surrounded by conservation, deer running free, wild boars in our back yard, occasional bear sightings, hawks flying high, owls perched in the tree, grey herrons walking around in their little families, and so much more. Simply put we live in an environment surrounded by natural beauty. For this reason I love to take photographs right in my backyard. I would love for you to join me in an adventure in the Osprey Lakes Community! #OrlandoFamilyPhotographer #Orlandooffthebeatenpath #FloridaPhotographer #FavoriteplacesOrlando

This is the walk through that is located in the center of the neighborhood. It is centered between two small lakes. Over the bridge you will see pine trees, lake views, and a nature walk path through the woods.

I recently found this location and I am totally in love! As you may know Florida does not have many hills. I simply love the look and feel of this place.

This was another random find. We stopped by to take some shots by some beautiful flowers and low and behold we saw this little opening.

Pine trees and the setting sun! Yes, please.

Waking up early to see the sunrise over the lake. Does it get any better than this?

I take a lot of photos of my children playing in front of our house. I will always cherish these photos the most as it is the everyday life that we are living.

Another photo on my street! When the sun is setting over the trees the photos come out stunning! I asked the neighbor boy if he could do any trick and this was the result!

Last, but not least, the walking path between the lakes.

These are just a few of my favorite places to take my camera in the community in which I live. I can't wait to continue finding (already have a few places in mind) more neighborhood favorites. I feel so lucky to live my life in such a beautiful place. What do you love about the place where you live?

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