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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

We started off the summer with a European family vacation. It was exciting, enlightening and inspiring on many levels. We travelled to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Austria. I captured details of each place through my camera. I am here today to share my top 10 photos from the trip. Which is your favorite?

1. Hotel that we stayed near the Milan Airport.

2. Action shot while at Spiaggia de Lampianu, Sardegna, Italy.

3. Spiaggia La Pelosa

4. Sunset in Stintino

5. Sunrise at La Maddalena, Italy

6. Isla de La Caprera

7. Sunset on La Maddalena, Italy

8. Beach Adventures in Stintino

9. Splashing Grandpa

10. A house on a hill in Austria

Here are my runner up photos to my top 10 list. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the cool spots we visited while on our summer holiday.

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