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  • Laurie Pilia

One bride traded a church for a hospital

One bride traded a church for a hospital, all so her father could be the one to give her away. Determined to have her father present at her wedding, this bride and her fiancé decided to hold their wedding at Florida Hospital East's chapel hospital with a 2 hour notice — giving friends, family and hospital staff just a few hours to plan and execute the ceremony.

The room was just filled with so much emotion and love. It was bittersweet, but this brides dad was able to have that special moment with her.

My day job is working at a hospital in HR. I spend my days close to so many amazing people who are full of compassion and love for our patients. At 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon I had a knock on my door and one of my co-workers asked me if I had my camera. I replied, "Yes". I was told that one of our patients' daughters wanted to have a last minute change to her wedding venue....they wanted to have the wedding at the hospital so her hospitalized father could be part of the special occasion and they needed a photographer. The nurses were going to make this wish come true and I was delighted to be a part of this miracle. I had a few minutes to run out to my car and gather my camera and meet them in the chapel. The nurses wheeled down the father and in came the family, the bride, and the groom. It was emotional, special, and very heart warming. All I can say is that I feel blessed to have been part of this experience with this special family. This is and always will be a special memory that I will cherish.

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