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  • Laurie Pilia

Life is a Canvas....Let's Paint

Capturing images of your children help to leave not only their legacy but your own. I have 2 daughters that are 10 years apart (I know a pretty large age gap). I hate to say it but sometimes it is hard to remember what it was like when my 12 year old was 2. I see Nora (2) doing all sorts of cute things and try recalling what it was like when Sofia (now 12) was that age. It is hard to remember all the small details.

Having pictures to refer back to helps to relive these memories with your children. We love looking back to see what it used to be like in our lives. We love to remember all the great times and chat about our fond memories. Having pictures truly helps take us back to that special memory.

I love the idea of authentic photographs. Capturing children as they are while in their own element. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have posed family or child portraits, but the pictures that really bring back the memories and make me smile are the ones where the children are playing, interacting, and connecting with others. This is REAL. I like the REAL moments the most.

Taking all of this into consideration, I decided that I wanted to photograph my 2 year old doing an art project. I wanted it to be real, authentic, and something that I can look back with her one day to show her what she was really like when she was 2. So this is what I did.....

On a warm summer day I decided to let my 2 year old Nora do a painting project. I gave her paint brushes, paint, paper, and a little cup of water. I then told her to paint. I did not give any further direction and just stepped back and observed (while taking photos).

It was fun to watch as she began choosing colors and painting freely. At first she was not keen to get messy but with a little time she decided to go all in. Check out the images from this special day.

I will always cherish this memory and these images. We may never get this time back but we can experience it over and over again while looking at our memories that have been captured in photographs.

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Thanks for joining me on this journey of life. I hope we will cross paths, become friends, and making lasting memories with one another. Life is made for having fun and making let's do this!

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