• Laurie Pilia

For the WIN! Bring these 5 things to your next family photo session!

Family photos can be stressful for parents. They hope that their little guy or girl behaves, smiles, and looks at the camera but that is not always the case. So, why not design the session around the little ones?

The session can be all about the kids - and beautiful images will be created along the way. Think about your child and the things that bring them joy!

Here are 5 suggested activities that we can play at your next photo session that will ensure beautiful candid family photos.

1. Story Time - Bring your families favorite book, lay on a blanket, and enjoy story time.

2. Snuggle a favorite teddy! Kids enjoy holding their favorite stuffed toy and this creates the perfect memory of your little one with their favorite toys.

3. Bubbles are always a big hit! Kids love to blow, chase and pop all the bubbles that are floating around in the air.

4. Riding toys are great! Kids will forget all about the camera and truly relax while being their true self.

5. Balloons add a magical touch to photographs and what child doesn’t enjoy a balloon flying around in the sky?

Let the kids play, spend time as a family, bring Johnny’s favorite toy, lay on a blanket, play chase, smell the flowers, throw that baby in the air and together we can make beautiful memories with you and your children!

These types of interactions make great photos! They show your family as you are today. The fun, the chaos, and everything in between. In the midst of having fun I love to capture all the in-between moments as well. I love photographs that show personality not just a pretty smile. Those moments will be captured in your session so don’t worry.

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