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Family Photos with the Elliott Family

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

When I first spoke with Olivia about doing family photos she mentioned that her daughter Reese loved the camera. She said that she poses and really enjoys taking pictures. She also mentioned that Reese was 3 years old which is the same age as my little Nora. Let's just say I have lots of practice with this age :) Photographing 3 year olds can be so much fun. You never know what crazy expression or sweet look you are going to get. I knew that this session was going to be one of my favorite.

When I finally got to meet Reese I realized that her mom's description of her was spot on. Reese was ready to perform. She loved the camera. She was so full of life. Reese and her family were really fun to hang out with and together we captured some really sweet and funny moments.


I hope you enjoyed a peek into the Elliott's family photo session.

Laurie Pilia Photography is now booking fall and winter sessions for 2018.

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