• Laurie Pilia

Behind the Scenes

Photographing Kendall was an absolute pleasure! I knew when her mom booked this session we would have so much fun and create beautiful memories for Kendall to have forever. Little did I know, her mom was capturing amazing behind the scenes shots throughout the session. It’s not often that I get to see myself in action with my clients!

It’s fun to see the adventure from this perspective in comparison to the final images. Check out the side by side images below - this is what it’s like to work with me and these are the kinds of images you can expect.

I was having Kendall spin around in the beautiful light while capturing photos.

We found an old barn and used it as a background. I love incorporating all the elements of a location into my sessions.

I had Kendall set down and I took some close up shots with the beautiful natural light in this spot.

Sometimes as we walk around I will just stop and snap some shots which is what happened with this shot. Good light combined with a beautiful girl = perfection.

I knew we would incorporate this sweet train into some shots! After Kendall climbed up I had her sway with the wind to create this fun shot with movement.

I loved how the light was peeking through the trees and knew this would make a great place to stop and snap a few shots. I love how the light is hitting Kendall’s hair.

We added a hat to create a different look with this image. It’s fun to see how adding accessories can change up the look.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed seeing some cool behind the scenes shots!

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