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Adventures with Pamela

I met Pamela when I was 19 and life has never been the same. Maybe you can understand if you have that one friend that you have experienced so much life with. That one friend that understands you and gets you. That one friend that brings out the most fun in you.

So, a few weeks ago I got to hang out with Pamela. She lives in Ohio so it is not so often that we get to just spend the day together. Pamela was in town for the weekend and we had a Pamela and Laurie adventure.

Join me on a journey through a day in Winter Park as Pamela and I (and our littles) made memories that will forever be cherished. Of course I had my camera so this day was well documented. I hope you enjoy our trip around Winter Park and Rollins College (both great places to take lots of beautiful photos).

Can't wait until our next adventure :)

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