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12 Ways to Make Amazing Family Photos

Hopefully some of you are getting to know me better by my recent blog and social posts. If you don't know me then let me tell you....I like to make everything in life about the experience....we have one life to live so let's do it right. Because I truly believe (and live) this philosophy, it has become part of how I approach family photo sessions. I want my families to walk away and say THAT WAS FUN! I also want them to look at their photos for years to come and remember how they had the best time while being in front of the camera they. Below are some of my favorite activities that help create and capture the true essence of each unique family.

Who doesn't love a good book? Reading is always a great family activity that gets the whole family engaged. Just look at that smile :)

Let's run....running backwards, forwards, or even sideways is always fun and makes for action shots which are oh so fun.

Another fun thing to do is play at the PLAYGROUND. Let the kids be kids and leave the picture taking up to the photographer. Get creative and you will have more fun and get better photos.

Up up and away! Playing toss always brings out the smiles. Daddy's are usually the best at this game.

How about a painting project? Your little one can start out clean (as seen below) and then go all in. Such a fun thing to capture on the camera.

Picking flowers can be a fun activity. It also adds a pretty touch to any photo.

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On the count of 3 - 1....2...3... run and hug mom and dad. (everyone is smiling :) This is what family is all about.

Playing dress up always brings the inner princess or super hero out.

Ring Around the Rosie. Natural, fun, not posed....need I say more?

How high can you jump? Is that all? I bet you can jump higher!

It's time to dance....who doesn't love a good tune and a bit of dancing?

Bubbles are always a favorite! Blowing, chasing, and popping....

Those are just a few of the fun activities that you can expect on a shoot with me. Posed shots are always important but let's have some fun and create some great memories while we are at it!

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