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12 Months of Kailey and Krissy

Meet Kailey and Krissy....

They approached me to do a SISTER photo shoot. Their mom recently told them that she would love to get pictures of them together so this was the perfect opportunity for a surprise Christmas gift.

During our pre-shoot consult we discussed location, ideas, what to wear and how they would be gifting the photos. Kailey told me that she was planning to do some prints and a CALENDAR. This got our wheels turning....we started planning the shoot to incorporate 12 themes to go along with each month of the year. Check it out.

January - Happy New Year

February - Valentine's Day

March - Happy Birthday Mom

April - April Fools

May - Mother's Day

June - Father's Day

July - 4th of July

August - Picnic in the Park

September - Back to School Fun

October - Halloween

November - Thanksgiving

December - Merry Christmas

I hope you enjoyed the 12 Months of Kailey and Krissy. Bye for now.

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