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12 Months of Kailey and Krissy

Updated: Aug 22

Meet Kailey and Krissy....

Kailey and Krissy approached me to do a SISTER photo shoot. Their mom recently told them that she would love to get pictures of them together so this was the perfect opportunity for a surprise Christmas gift.

During our pre-shoot consult we discussed location, ideas, what to wear and how they would be gifting the photos. Kailey told me that she was planning to do some prints and a CALENDAR. This got our wheels turning....we started planning the shoot to incorporate 12 themes to go along with each month of the year. We had so much fun planning and executing this session and their mom absolutely loved her gift.

January - Happy New Year

February - Valentine's Day

March - Happy Birthday Mom

April - April Fools

May - Mother's Day

June - Father's Day

July - 4th of July

August - Picnic in the Park

September - Back to School Fun

October - Halloween

November - Thanksgiving

December - Merry Christmas

I hope you enjoyed the 12 Months of Kailey and Krissy. Bye for now.

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