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My name is Laurie and I'm a lifestyle photographer located in Orlando, Florida. I love to create beautiful photographs that you'll cherish for years to come. Let's find beautiful sunsets, go on adventures, and make our time together one that you'll never forget. Life is made for having fun, right?

Kisses from Sardinia

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Kisses from Sardinia has all the makings of a novel, but it’s a true story—a story of chance, romance, and happenstance that every woman, young or old, should read and thus be inspired. Laurie’s tale of adventure will awaken young readers, both male and female, to their potentials no matter their circumstances, and also remind parents of impetuous daughters that it’s best to leave them to their dreams…they just might come true beyond anyone’s imagination.

Click Kisses from Sardinia to purchase now or visit Laurie's Author Website to learn more.  

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Hi I'm Laurie, a family photographer in the awesome city of Orlando, Florida. I love shooting all around Central Florida (especially the beach) and beyond while capturing magical moments and telling stories through my images. To find out more click learn more...

I have worked with Laurie twice in recent months, and both times she was wonderful! She's very professional and accommodating. Her pictures are beautiful!


Get in Touch  |  Tel: 812-212-5068

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